CAT and Fast CAT

Who may participate?

Open to all AKC Registered Dogs

Dogs with a PAL number or listed with AKC Canine Partners Program are allowed.

Dogs must be twelve months of age or older.

Spayed or neutered hounds are allowed.

Bitches in season may not compete.

CAT - Coursing Ability Test

CAT!  It’s not a just furry animal with pointy ears that purrs.  It is CAT – Coursing Ability Test.  This is an event designed for newcomers to dog sports.  While Basset Hounds are not sight hounds, don’t count them out.  Many Basset Hounds and their owners truly enjoy this sport!

Dogs don’t compete against each other.  They chase an artificial lure on a course that is either 300 or 600 yards long.  This is judged only on a pass/fail basis.  This is a timed event where the dogs must complete the course in either a minute and a half or two minutes for the different length course.

Whether you receive a passing score or not, you will have had a great time with your dog and meet other dog enthusiasts with some common interests.

This is a sport which encourages that your dog be physically fit, a great thing for the Basset Hound.  At home you can encourage your dog to chase toys or plastic bags to gain his interest!


Those of us who have Basset Hounds know just how fast they can run.  Wouldn’t it be fun to know just how fast?  FAST CAT® is a timed 100 yard dash.  Dogs run one at a time, while chasing a lure.  Would it surprise you to know that the current Basset Hound lifetime record holder (as of 9/5/2018) ran at a speed of 17.70 mph?

As with all dog sports, it is best to understand the rules and regulations.  If you would like to learn more about this sport, explore the AKC Website and download “Regulations for Lure Coursing Tests and Trials – Regulations for Coursing Ability Tests (CAT) Chapter XV and Regulations for FAST CAT® (Chapter XVI)” from the AKC Website at