2019 Nationals Agility Trials

Two trials in one day! 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

There will be two Agility Trials on Wednesday October 2nd, am and pm. The ring will be fenced and the floor prepared for agility under a large pavilion. For those of you who have not run on a "dirt" floor - it's not really dirt. It's an arena mix that is mostly sand with layers beneath to create a stable surface. It's made to reduce impact and it's really nice for the dogs.

Just a short walk across the lawn is the 3rd segment of the scent work trial taking place in the Exhibition Hall.


Arapahoe County Fairgrounds|
25690 E Quincy Ave
Aurora, CO 80016


Arapahoe County Fairgrounds is about 25 minutes away from the host hotel. The shortest way is from I-225 and CO-83 and is about 16 miles.

Agility will take place at this same location and is just a short walk across the lawn.

Click here for premium in PDF format: Agility Premium List

Judge: Beth Godwin