Life Membership

Life membership is awarded to those BHCA members who have been voting members for at least 25 cumulative years, are voting members at the time of nomination, are at least 55 years of age, have made an outstanding contribution of service to BHCA as an officer, board member, and/or committee person, and who through participation in a variety of activities have made a significant positive contribution towards promoting the perfection of the natural qualities of Purebred Basset Hounds.

The Life Membership committee selects the nominees and the Board then makes the final selection each year.  New Life Members are announced and honored at the Club's Annual Meeting & Dinner.

Life Members of BHCA

Bev Barringer-Ruggeri

Finn Bergishagen

Mary Louise Bergishagen

Robert Booth

Sue Boyd

Bobbi Brandt

Freda Burks

Sandra Campbell

Margery Cook

Joan Deibler

Pat Dohr

James Dok

Sharon Dok

Sally Elkins

A. Kenneth Engle

Melody Fair

Dale Fleming

Randy Frederiksen

Kirk Joiner

Frank Kovalic

Claudia Lane

Sanda Launey

Anne Lindsay

Carol Makowski

Diane Malenfant

Donald Martin

Robert (Gene) McDonald

Jean Spaulding-McWilliams

Norine Noonan

Robert Opeka

Claudia Orlandi

Brian Pechtold

Jerry Rush

Joani Rush

Joan Scholz

Ed Smizer

Mary Smizer

Sue Smyth

Doc Steedle

Vicki Steedle

Claire (Kitty) Steidel

Elsie Tagg

Mimi Tysselling

Wanda White

Norm Wiginton

Bette Williams


Deceased Life Members

Bob Arbs

Peter Bach

Mona Ball

Evelyn Bassett

Richard Basset

Ruth Bateman

Mary Jane Booth

Marjorie Brandt

Joseph Braun

Mercedes Braun

Norman Buchar

Velma Buchar

Claire Clowe

Col. Julian Dexter

Norwood Engle

Andrea McE. Field

James S. Fornary

Loren Free

Hettie Page Garwood

Patricia Gellerman

John Andrew Hackley

Benjamin J. Harris

Jeanne Hills

Michael Holly

Mildred Houchlin

Carol Ann Hunt

Doris Hurry

Betty Kinslow

Virginia Kovalic

Mary Marischen

John McDowell

Kenneth McWilliams

Joseph O. Miller

Pinkey Navar

Ruth Paule

William Rider

Lorraine Russell

William Russell

Effie Seitz

Emil Seitz

Jean Sheehy

Mary Jo Shields

Leonard Skolnick

Marjorie Skolnick

Howard Smith

Beverly Stockfelt

Chris Teeter

Ann Thain

Ruth Turner

Joan Urban

James White

Barbara Wicklund

Knox Williams

Lena Wray