Consider Rescue

For many families, adopting a rescue Basset Hound is a great alternative to buying from a reputable breeder.  Bassets are often available through rescue organizations due to no fault of their own. Some Bassets come to rescue because of a change of their family’s financial circumstance, a move to a location where dogs are not be allowed, illness or death of a family member, or for unsuitable behavior in the home due to lack of training or proper socialization. These dogs are deserving of a loving home.

As you explore this section, you can can expect to learn about rescuing a Basset Hound. Information included in this section should answer many questions about why and how you can adopt a Basset Hound in addition to how to find a reputable Rescue.

Learn about Basset Hound Rescue

If you wish to adopt, BHCA Recognized Rescue Groups are the best place to begin this process. BHCA Recognized Rescue Groups meet criteria that has been established by the Basset Hound Club of America to assist individuals looking for a reputable and conscientious rescue group.

You will learn how important it is that when selecting a Rescue Group to work with, that you ask questions regarding their adoption process, fostering, home visits, vet checks among others.  It is also important to ask about their return policy if you are unable to keep your rescue dog. Reputable rescue groups will have you fill out an application, require a home visit, ask about previous pets, and require a veterinarian reference.

Make an informed decision and then prepare to welcome your new Basset Hound to your family!

Mission of the BHCA Rescue Advisory Committee

Learn about the important mission taken on by the BHCA Rescue Advisory Committee.

Why Rescue?

Adopting a dog from a BHCA Recognized Rescue organization is a great way to bring a new Basset Hound into your family.  What are the advantages and disadvantages, and how do I make sure I'm making a good decision?

The Process of Adoption

How does the adoption process work, and what should I beware of when looking for my new Basset Hound?

How do I find a Reputable Rescue Group?

This section provides the information necessary to make an informed decision while selecting an organization that you wish to work with to find your adoptable Basset Hound.

BHCA Recognized Rescue Groups

All currently BHCA Recognized Rescue Groups and their contact information are listed for your convenience on this page.

I need assistance.

If you need assistance in reaching out to a BHCA Recognized Rescue Group or have questions about Rescue this is the page for you.

How to Become a BHCA Recognized Rescue Group

The guidelines for organizations who wish to become a BHCA Recognized Rescue Organization are presented here.