Committee and Organizers

Running an event as large as the Nationals would be impossible without the efforts or a large group of dedicated volunteers.  Are you available to help?  Contact the Nationals Coordinator.

Nationals Coordinator

Carol Makowski,

Richard Nance, co-coordinator,

Nationals Show Chairman

Richard Nance - 

Nationals Treasurer

Melody Fair -

Agility Trials

Norine Noonan -

Anne Testoni, co-chair -


Kim Trumbull - Orders -

Terri Ralenkotter - Advertisements -


Sukey Shor -

Chief Ring Steward

Bobbi Brandt -

Clothing Orders

Chris Orlikowski -

Shelly Gordon-

Education Events

Bethany Berger -


Greg Goodbar -



Hunting Performance Test

Marianne Lovejoy -

Linda Caine, assistant chair -

Patti Palmer, secretary -

Field Trial

Ken Engle -

Cheryl Long, assistant chair -


Timberline Basset Hound Club

  • Malina Dorchak - Local information, Hotel logistics, Local maps
  • Brian & Marilee Epperson - Timberline BHC events
  • Jan Kano
  • Mishka Killgore
  • Sharon Nance
  • Chris Orlikowski
  • Betty Gene Pearce
  • Susan Steinway - Table decorations, Welcome bags -
  • Cindy Underhill

Meal Reservations

Sharon Nance -

Obedience & Rally Trials

Debbie Hatt -


Sukey Shor -

RV Parking

Jim Tysseling -


Mimi Tysseling -

Timberline BHC Specialty

Sharon Nance - Show chairman -

Valle del Sol BHC Specialty

Mimi Tysseling - Show chairman -


Shelly Gordon -

Tracking Tests

Web Site

Chris Orlikowski,