Who may participate?

Open to all AKC Registered Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds with a PAL number are allowed

Dogs must be six months of age or older.

Spayed or neutered hounds are allowed.

Bitches in season may compete if stated in Premium List and will test on the last track of the day.

Some clubs allow dogs listed with AKC Canine Partners Program

Tracking!  What could be a better event to participate in with your Basset Hound?  Imagine you and your Basset working together to display the Basset’s innate talent to recognize and follow a scent.  Tracking is a noncompetitive sport held in the outdoors.  Bassets will exhibit a willingness and enjoyment in their work, all within a very welcoming and sportsmanlike atmosphere.

The good news is, you don’t need much equipment, and you can even start training in your own back yard.  All you need is a tracking harness, a twenty to forty foot lead, a few flags to mark your track and your back yard to start.

If you choose to compete in a Tracking Dog Test, your dog will follow a path laid by a track layer, with the goal to find article(s) placed along the way.  Time is not a factor as long as your dog is working to progress along the track.

Before you enter a Tracking Dog Test, your dog must be certified by an approved or provisional tracking judge.  When you enter, you will include the certification form.

If this sounds like fun, continue to learn more about Tracking.