Register of Merit

The Register of Merit is a title awarded by the Basset Hound Club of America to recognize dogs of exceptional quality who have made a significant contribution to ensuring the future of the breed. The title is earned by the top producing Basset Hound sires and dams who have offspring finishing AKC titles in conformation, obedience, field trials or tracking.

BHCA marks these dogs with the letters "ROM" listed after the Basset's registered name to designate a sire or dam that has produced several get who have been successful in finishing AKC title. A sire must have fathered seven offspring that have achieved AKC titles, and a dam must have produced five offspring that have achieved AKC titles. The ROM title can be awarded posthumously.

The Register of Merit chairperson tracks of all sires and dams who have offspring finishing relevant AKC titles. BHCA members who own these hounds are given an award at the BHCA Annual Meeting & Dinner in October.

The ROM Eligibility Form is available online for download as a PDF. Further information about eligibility may be found on the form.