Juniors and Junior Programs

Junior Showmanship

The Future of our Sport and a  Great Family Experience

Children are an important part of the future of our breed.  Junior Showmanship is a perfect vehicle for teaching them about our Basset Hound breed.  In addition to learning how to present and care for the Basset Hound, they will learn patience, determination and good sportsmanship.  The quality of the dog is not judged, the Junior’s presentation skills are judged.

The sport of dogs is a great family activity and one of the best ways for families to involve their children is to allow them to compete in Junior Showmanship.  This isn’t a contest that is about the dog, this is about them learning to present their dog in the best way possible.

One of the most important things that we can do to protect the sport of purebred dogs in general, and Basset Hounds, specifically, is to foster and encourage the involvement of our current younger participants and seek to involve a new generation of fanciers as well.

Once your child develops an interest for dog handling, it’s time for Junior Showmanship.   Your dog isn’t the main focus in a Junior Showmanship competition — your child is. Judges look at the quality of their presentation in the ring and how well he/she handles and presents your dog in a manner appropriate for the breed.

PeeWee Class - Special Attraction

The Pee Wee class was designed to allow younger children to participate in a show to encourage their interest in the sport of dogs.   Due to the children’s size and age safety was a primary consideration in the design of this experience.  Rather than being “judged” each child will be given age appropriate information to help them learn what to expect when they reach regular Junior Showmanship.

BHCA Junior Member Scholarship Program & Junior Achievement Award Application

The Basset Hound Club of America believes strongly in the encouragement of our Junior participants.  One of the ways this is expressed is with the Junior Member Scholarship Program “In Honor of Nancy Mulligan.”

Current Junior competitors who are members of the Basset Hound Club of America should fill out a Junior Member Achievement Award Application.  Their achievements will be recognized at the Annual Dinner at the BHCA National Specialty.

Junior Scholarship Program:  Following the completion of one year of college, our former Juniors may fill out an application for the Junior Member Scholarship application which should include three years of Junior Achievement Awards.   For full details, see the guidelines.

Junior Programs and Resources

The Basset Hound Club of America and the AKC recognize that teenagers and younger children are perhaps the future of responsible dog ownership and will be the ones competing in the sport of dogs in the future.  Participation in these sports will be a big part of teaching sportsmanlike attitudes and responsibility that will benefit our current juniors participants all their lives.

In addition to Junior Showmanship, there are many programs available for Juniors.  The AKC has a Junior Recognition program which awards point for participation in all AKC Events as well as earning qualifying scores and placements in these events.

Performance and Companion Events Competition for Juniors

Juniors may compete as a Junior in Performance and Companion Events.  The Junior must compete with their Junior Number.  Ownership requirements are the same as Junior Showmanship.  The dog’s qualifying score in these events will be linked to the Junior Handler number through the Junior Certification Form.  It is the Junior’s responsibility to have the Judge fill out the certification form and sign it on the day they receive a qualifying score.  One copy of this form will kept by the Junior and the other will be retained by the judge to be returned to AKC with the Judge’s book.

The American Kennel Club will acknowledge any Junior who successfully completes a title, if the Junior is responsible for all the qualifying scores.

There is an Ambassador program for Juniors, as well as a mentor program as well.  To learn more about the programs offered by AKC, visit the AKC Website.

PAL Program

The American Kennel Club Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) is an opportunity for all purebred dogs of registerable breeds and their owners to participate in many of AKC’s most popular events. A PAL is not the equivalent of AKC registration, but makes it possible for eligible breeds to compete in the following events:

Agility Trials - Canine Good Citizen - Coursing Ability Test - Earthdog - Herding Tests and Trials - Hunt Tests - Junior Showmanship - Lure Coursing - Obedience Trials - Rally - Scent Work - Therapy Dog - Tracking Tests

If you wish to compete with your Rescue Basset or unregistered Basset, simply follow the directions on the PAL application.