Pee Wee Class – Special Attraction

The Pee Wee class was designed to allow younger children to participate in a show to encourage their interest in the sport of dogs.   Due to the children’s size and age safety was a primary consideration in the design of this experience.

Rather than being “judged” each child will be given age appropriate information to help them learn what to expect when they reach regular Junior Showmanship.  Each child with their dog will enter the ring with their supervising adult, one at a time.  At the end of all “judging,” there is usually a group photo taken as well as individual photos with their participation ribbon to commemorate their experience.  Some clubs try to make the experience special for the children with a small gift for the child or dog to take home.  When the Pee Wee Class is at an all-breed show, the Judge must be an AKC approved All Breed Junior Showmanship Judge, like children, be patient, kind, and have a sense of humor as well as !  A Group Club or Specialty Club may have a Limited Status Junior Showmanship Judge.

At all times, the safety of both the dogs and Juniors both inside and outside the ring is important.  Outside of the ring, it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to control the dog. At the Judge’s discretion based upon the size of the child and the dog, for safety purposes the adult may be asked to attach a second lead to the dog so both child and adult will walk the dog together inside the ring.

Dogs must be at least four months of age to enter the Pee Wee Class.

Bitches in season will not be allowed to participate. All dogs entered must have the proper lead and collar.

The hosting club will decide how entries will be accepted.  In addition to an entry, a release must be signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian.

The Judge should explain the process of showing the dog to the Junior and the responsible adult in the ring including breed specific presentation. Depending on the size of the dog and the child, the adult may be asked to lift a table breed on or off the table, or the Club may mandate that the adult should do it regardless. Neither the youngster nor the adult should be asked to show the bite.

Pee Wee events are often held at lunchtime, which would give the child and the responsible adult time to get to the show.  Some clubs offer a pizza party or cake in a after the classes are over for the children and adults to make new friends and share this new common interest. For more information about the Pee Wee Class, visit the AKC Website at and search for Pee Wee Class.  It will give you complete information as well as locations where the class is available.