Public Education

The Public Education Committee works to provide educational opportunities in areas that will be of interest to the public, as well as assist Basset Hound Clubs or other groups by providing useful materials for Meet The Breeds and other similar events.  Their work is on behalf of the Basset Hound Club of America and Basset Hound Owners everywhere.

The Committee is happy to provide impartial guidance and referral information to prospective new owners seeking advice or assistance.

The Chairperson of the Public Education Committee is Breeder/Judge Sue Smyth.  If you have questions for her, email her at

Materials that may be duplicated with written permission from the Public Education Chairperson for Basset Hound Club of America Member Clubs only are:

Discover the Basset

Public Education Insert

Coloring & Activities Book

Judges Education Seminar on the Basset Hound

You may not wish to be a judge or breeder, but would you like to learn about the breed you are getting ready to or already do own?  Watch this presentation and see this breed as it should be.

This is a large file.  Please be patient while it downloads.

PAL/ILP Program for non-registered Bassets

Remember, even if your Basset Hound is not registered, you may be able to participate in many events using a PAL Number.  You may then participate in many of the events listed in the Events Section of this Website.

Safety First

These two signs may be reproduced.  Simply download the PDF and print.  One sign is designated for use on a house, and the other for your vehicle.  Print with your computer and have a greater sense of security whether you are travelling with dogs in the car, or dogs may be home alone.  You can print as a decal as well.