Breeder & Member Education

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BHCA is a recipient of the AKC Eddy Award for exemplary breeder education efforts. Click here to learn more about the AKC Eddy Award.

The Breeder Member Education Committee works to provide members and breeders educational opportunities in areas that will be of interest to them. Often, their work is on behalf of the Owners of Basset Hounds everywhere. The Committee also works to support “Rescue Day” an educational and fun event each year at our National Specialty. They often host seminars at the Nationals, covering a host of topics.

If you have any questions regarding Breeder – Member Education, contact Chairperson, Bethany Berger.

Presenting your Basset Hound Seminar and Hands on Assistance

For those unable to attend the seminar on Presenting your Basset Hound at the 2019 BHCA Nationals, provided by the Breeder/Member Education committee, you may view the presentation here in PDF Format.  This seminar included hands on education provided by Sue Frischmann, Candy Carswell, Mike Stone, Marge Cook, Norm Wiginton & Bethany Berger.

Show your Basset Presentation and Hands On PDF

Basset Hound University

Below are a number of courses that will be of interest to both owners and breeders.  You can enter BHU through its own portal below.  If you choose to go in through the portal, you will have access to all of the courses, as well as the self correcting quizzes for each course.  If you go into the individual links below, you access only the individual book.  Whichever way you choose to proceed, we hope that you will enjoy the abundance of helpful information provided.

You can just choose an individual course, material or video to review right now, but you won't have access to the self correcting quizzes!

For Owners, Prospective Owners & Breeders

You may find the below two books and the Discover the Basset Hound Booklet helpful.

Basset Hound Owners Guide Course 101

Basset Hound Coloring & Activities Book 102

Discover the Basset Hound Booklet

BHU Activities School for Owners, Prospective Owners & Breeders

For Owners and Breeders who wish to learn more about Activities they can do with their Bassets, Basset Hound University has four activities in the Activities School.  They are Hunting Performance Test, Obedience, Tracking and Scent and the Scenting Dog.  Many of the activities in the school require multiple sources of material.

 It is best that you go to the Activities School directly through the BHU Activities Portal.  You will have access to multiple course materials and videos.  

Events Available for Basset Hounds

For those of you new to dog sports, or wanting to learn about one you are unfamiliar with, we have included information in the Events Section of the BHCA Website - This will bring you up to date on current Dog Sports offered through the AKC, or titled through the AKC.  The information included will give you a quick overview of the other events appropriate for the Basset Hound.  Enjoy exploring all the fun things you may do with your Basset Hound.

The Basset Hound Illustrated Standard

Judges Education Seminar on the Basset Hound

This is a large file - be patient.

The Pocket Guide to the Basset Hound

Understanding genetics, anatomy and movement are must have skills for breeders.

The ABC’s of Dog Breeding & Practical Canine Anatomy & Movement

Both the ABC's of Dog Breeding, and Practical Canine Anatomy and Movement, authored by BHCA member Dr. Claudia Orlandi, are now available through the American Kennel Club.  All breeders, owners, handlers and judges will benefit from these courses.

Simply visit the AKC's Canine College.  You may participate in a certificate program, read the books, or purchase the books through the AKC Store.

Practical Canine Anatomy & Movement

ABC's of Dog Breeding