Guidelines for Club Operation

BHCA has developed a system of guidelines to ensure consistent operation.  If you do not find the information you require please contact the Club's Recording Secretary.

Award of Merit

Covers when and how many Awards of Merit may be offered at conformation events held by BHCA. Read Award of Merit Guidelines


Recognition of AKC titles earned by dogs owned by members in good standing of the BHCA.  Read Awards Guidelines

Donated Logo Award Plates

How to offer and retain Club logo plates offered at the BHCA National Specialty Show, Tests, and Trials.  Read Logo Plates Guidelines

Budget Committee

Function and operation of work to develop the Club's annual budget.  Read Budget Guidelines

Canine Legislation

Interface with the AKC Government Relations activities. Read Legislative Guidelines

Challenge Trophies

Rules associated with offering and storage of Challenge Trophies at BHCA events.  Read Challenge Trophy Guidelines

Conformation Certificate

Purpose and procedure for evaluation of dogs under this program.  Read Conformation Certificate Guidelines

Country Store

Operation of the BHCA store for sale of logo items and club publications.  Read Country Store Guideline

Code of Ethics

All BHCA members and applicants for membership must agree to adhere to a specific code of behavior.  Read Guidelines for Ethical Conduct

Field Trial Advisory Council

Operations of team empowered to oversee Basset Hound Field Trials.  Read FTAC Guideline

Financial Oversight

Purpose and procedure for ensuring the Treasurer is acting with commonly acceptable practices.  Read Financial Guideline

Futurity Stakes

Purpose and procedure for running the Futurity program and competition.  Nomination paperwork can be found in Downloadable Documents.  Read the Guidelines: 2020 Futurity Stakes Rules


The role and responsibilities of the Club Historian.  Read Historian Guidelines

Hunting Performance Test

Rules and Regulations developed by the Club and sanctioned by AKC for the operation of these events.  Read Hunt Test Guidelines

Junior Member Programs

Programs to encourage and reward participation in canine sports by Junior (<18 years old) members.  Application forms are available in Downloadable Documents.  Read Committee Chair Guidelines, Read Junior Awards Guidelines

Life Membership

Operational policies and structure of the committee to nominate new life members of the Club.  Read Life Membership Guidelines

Maturity Stakes

Purpose and procedure for running the Maturity program and competition.  Nomination paperwork can be found in Downloadable Forms.  Read Maturity Guidelines

Membership Pins

Policies around the awarding of pins recognizing membership longevity.  Read Pins Guidelines

Membership Roster

Documentation regarding the publication of the Club's annual directory.  Read Roster Guidelines


Operation and expectations of Club Mentors.  Read Mentor Guidelines

Nationals Judges

Method for nomination and election of judges for the BHCA National Specialty Show.  Read Nationals Judges Guidelines

Nationals Proposals and Selection

Details on requirements for submission of bids to host the BHCA National Specialty Show, Trials and Tests and criteria for selection the winning bid.  Read Nationals Guidelines

Perpetual Trophies

Rules concerning the offering, storage and awarding of Perpetual Trophies.  Read Perpetual Trophy Guidelines


Rules for submitting and selecting Club regional shows, trials and tests.  The application to hold a regional event is available in Downloadable Forms.  Read Regionals Guidelines

Register of Merit

Rules concerning achievement and acknowledgment of the Club's ROM award.  Read ROM Guidelines


Regarding BHCA work with basset hound rescue organizations.  Read Rescue Guidelines


Publication of the Club newsletter.  Read Tally-Ho Guidelines


Procedures and protocols for counting of ballots during club elections.  Read Tellers Guidelines

Top Producer

Rules for calculating Top Sire and Dam for calendar year.  Read Top Producer Guidelines


Rules for achieving and awarding BHCA Versatility titles.  Read Versatility Guidelines


Role and responsibilities of the member who controls the Club website.  Read Webmaster Guidelines


Publication of the historical record of the Club.  Read Yearbook Guidelines