Conformation Events

Dog Shows & Specialty Shows

American Kennel Club all-breed dog shows and individual breed specialty shows are intended to evaluate breeding stock. If you are interested in showing your Basset Hound, you need to have a Basset with qualities that make it worthy of being exhibited. A number of people compete with their Basset even though they may have no wish to become a breeder. They simply enjoy the competition and comradery.

How do you know if you Basset has the quality to show? How do you learn how to groom, train and handle your Basset Hound? How do dog shows work?

BHCA Futurity and Maturity Stakes

The purpose of the BHCA’s Futurity and Maturity Stakes is to recognize and reward breeders for their efforts in the breeding of better Basset Hounds through carefully planned breeding and the evaluation of puppies.  Each year, the Futurity and Maturity Stakes are held at our Basset Hound Club of America National Specialty.