Who May Participate? All dogs must be at least nine months of age.  AKC Registered or PAL Numbers are acceptable.  Bitches in season may not compete.

Barn Hunt tests the nose, agility, speed and sureness of foot of the dogs participating.  Bassets can be quite successful at Barn Hunt.

Although Basset Hounds are bred to hunt small game, many will find Barn Hunt an enjoyable sport.

Hunting and teamwork are the skills required.  Dogs and their handlers must work as a team to locate and

“mark” rats (located safely in aerated tubes) within the maze of straw or hay bales.

Barn Hunt events include a pass/fail class for owners who want to learn more about the test with their dogs.  Courses become more complex with more targets to find.

Complete rules and regulations regarding Barn Hunt may be found at the Barn Hunt Association website,

Available Titles

AKC will record titles earned in Barn Hunt Association events.  Individuals will submit their BHA (Barn Hunt Association) title certificate to AKC with a recording fee, and the correct Barn Hunt Title Application form.  Titles which may be recorded are:

  • Novice Barn Hunt (RATN),
  • Open Barn Hunt (RATO),
  • Senior Barn Hunt (RATS),
  • Master Barn Hunt (RATM),
  • Barn Hunt Champion (RATCh),
  • Master Champion (RATChX),
  • Crazy 8s Bronze (CZ8B),
  • Crazy 8s Silver (CZ8S),
  • Crazy 8s Gold (CZ8G),
  • Crazy 8s Platinum (CZ8P)

This is a fun event for both handler and hound.  Try it.