Jump into Agility!

Who may Participate in Agility?

Basset Hounds with AKC Registration:  Full or Limited, PAL, Canine Partners

Your Basset must be at least 15 months of age.  This is for your dog's safety.

Spayed or Neutered Bassets

Who May Not Participate?

Bitches may not compete while in season (heat)

Bassets with physical disabilities or with active injuries may not compete.

Many Basset Hounds are quite athletic and enjoy time with their owners doing agility.  What can be more fun than to see ears flying, and tails wagging while they complete an agility course?  Some other breed handlers might scoff, but the Basset truly is versatile and surprises many of those who aren’t lucky enough to own one.

The actual purpose of an AKC Agility Trial is to show a dog’s soundness and physical ability and the desire to follow his handler’s directions. There are many different levels in agility, beginning with basic fundamentals and progressing through higher degrees of difficulty.  Other benefits of Agility include having fun exercising with your dog, and learning to work with your dog as a team.  Training in Agility can often give confidence to a dog, as well as help them learn to focus on the task at hand, all the while having a good time.  Get ready to enjoy this fast growing, fast paced sport.

You will direct your Basset Hound through a predetermined obstacle course which may include pause tables, tunnels, seesaws, weave poles and jumps.  Your dog will follow your cues for the path he is to take.

Is Agility the right sport for you?  If you have never seen an agility trial, go watch. Don’t be intimidated.  Find a class to attend for fun and see if you enjoy it.  If you and your dog enjoy yourself, think about competing.  Want to learn more?  Continue on to find out how to find a trial to watch and a training club with people who will help you.

Want to see a basset running agility?  Watch this video.