Crystal Lake, Illinois

Basset Hound fanciers from around the world gathered in Crystal Lake, Illinois USA and its environs to meet and compete with our favorite breed.

Core Committee

Coordinator:  Brian Pechtold

Co-Coordinator:  David Crawford

Show Chair:

Field Trial Chair:

Hunt Test Chair:

Obedience & Rally Chair:

Agility Chair:  Cheryl Cieslinski

Tracking Chair:  David Crawford

Scent Work Chair:



Webmaster:  JD Carpenter


Holiday Inn Crystal Lake, Crystal Lake, Illinois

Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, Rally Trials, Education Events, Annual Meeting, Annual Dinner

Northern Illinois Beagle Club, Roscoe, Illinois

Field Trials & Hunting Performance Tests

aaaaa, xxxx, Illinois

Agility Trials & Scent Work Trials

aaaaa, Illinois

Tracking Tests


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