Available Puppies and Adult Basset Hounds

The Basset Hound Club of America offers a listing of available Puppies and Adult Basset Hounds as a convenience for individuals looking for a Basset Hound and  a service to BHCA Member Breeders in good standing with full membership privileges.   If you are looking for a Basset Hound, try finding a listing on this page.  Remember that not all breeders choose to have listings on the BHCA website.  Some prefer to work privately.

BHCA Breeder Member Submission of Listings

BHCA Breeder Members with Single, Household or Life Membership may email the Available Puppies and Adult Bassets Fillable Form to our webmaster, Michael Meckler. (BHCA Associate Members are not eligible to use this service.)  Complete instructions are located on the form.

The following listings are submitted by BHCA Member Breeders.

If you are interested, contact the individual Breeders about their dogs. Consider introducing yourself to them by sending them the Puppy or Adult Information Request form as an introduction.

Litter Announcements

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November 19, 2023


1 Female

Tricolor (Black-White-Tan)

Anne O'Reilly

E-mail: adorbasset@msn.com; Tel.: 717-334-0303 (landline), 717-903-5506 (cell)

Available Adults







Sorry, there are no available adult dogs from BHCA Member Breeders promoted on this site at this time.

Remember, not all BHCA Member Breeders use this service.

Note:  The Basset Hound Club of America, Inc. (BHCA) provides these listings as well as public referrals as a resource to adult dog and puppy buyers to help locate breeders who are members in good standing of the Club.  The BHCA takes no responsibility for any puppies/dogs that you may acquire or sell through BHCA litter announcements and available Bassets.  BHCA will not be involved in any manner in contract disputes between puppy/dog buyers and breeders. BHCA listings and referrals are used to identify member breeders who may have basset puppies or adults available for sale to the public.