2019 National Specialty – Sweepstakes, Dogs, Bitches, Juniors, Intersex

On Wednesday, October 3rd, Sweepstakes will begin around 9 or 9:30 upon completion of Obedience and Rally trials. On Thursday, Dogs and Bitches will be judged and on Friday, October 4th the morning will begin with Junior Showmanship followed by Intersex.

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Salons B and C


Convention Center Map

Premium List: 2019 BHCA Nationals Premium List


  • There will be coffee and light breakfast in the lobby of the Convention Center.
  • There will be a cash lunch each day in Salon A.
  • Reserved grooming is in Salon D

Wednesday, October 2nd

Sweepstakes 9 to 9:30 am (after Obedience and Rally)

Judge: Gail Allen


Thursday, October 3rd

Dogs and Bitches beginning at 8:00 am

Judge for Dogs: Mary Ann Clark

Judge for Bitches: Celeste Gonzales

Friday, October 4th

Junior Showmanship, Intersex beginning at 9:30 am

Judge for Junior Showmanship: Celeste Gonzales

Judge for Intersex: Dr Johan Becerra-Hernandez