The tactical operation of BHCA activities is carried out by Club member volunteers who serve on a wide range of committees or in appointed positions.  All committees serve for one year terms and are appointed by the BHCA Board of Directors at or immediately after the Fall Board Meeting.

Contact the Club President or any committee chairman to get information on activities, submit suggestions, or inquire about how to help.

Committee List Update: 1 January 2024


Chairman (with email link)

Additional Members

AKC Gazette Columnist

AKC Rescue Correspondent

AKC Stud Book Correspondent




Melody Fair, Medora Harper, Jeanne Dietrich

Canine Legislation

Companion Events

Marianne Lovejoy, Anne Testoni

Facebook/Constant Comment

Field Trial Advisory

Ann Bernton, Ken Engle, Barb Fuller, Mary Getman, Belinda Lanphear, Vicki LaPenske, Barney Linebaugh, Cheryl Long, Marianne Lovejoy, Ben Marley, Lori Martinez, John Meahl, Melissa Phelps, Nancy Richmond, Tammy Schmidt

Financial Oversight

Robin O'Rourke


Sharon Dok, Sue Frischmann, Eva Kotilinik, Gene McDonald

General Counsel

Kevin Pollard


Bobbi Brandt, Robert "Gene" McDonald, Richard Nance

Health & Research

Sarah Broom, Celeste Gonzales, Sylvie McGee, Norine Noonan, Patti Palmer, Sandi Wittenberg



Hunting Performance Test

Ken Engle, Bill Forrest, Belinda Lanphear, Marianne Lovejoy, Carol Makowski, John Meahl, David O'Keefe, Melissa Phelps, Elsie Tagg

Judges Education

Richard Nance, Sue Smyth, Kirk Joiner, Bryan Martin

Junior Member Chair

Life Membership

Mike Stone, Sally Elkins

Member Education


Debbie Hatt, Devon Merritt

Nationals Advisory


Roy Fair, Dave Crawford


Beverly Przybylski

Public Education

Register of Merit

Rescue Advisory

Cheryl Cielinski, Shelly Gordon, Sherry Jeakins, Sherry Moore, Debbie Martin, Randee White

Social Media

Social Media Development (ad hoc)

Tally-Ho Editor


Karen Prichard, Chris Waller

Webmaster/Web Site Development

Holly Hook, Holly Witherington