Bringing my new Basset Home

I'm going to bring my puppy or dog home.  How do I get ready?  What training should I be able to do?  What supplies to I need?  How do I keep my Basset Hound safe?  These questions and more are answered in two places.  Visit the Discover the Basset or the Basset Hound Owners Guide.

Introducing my children to the Basset Hound

My small children need to learn about the breed.  What can I do?  Try letting them color in the BHU Coloring and Activities Book and telling them a little about the Basset.  It is very important to teach children, particularly small children, at the very beginning how to act around a new dog.

Supervise well.  It is best if you feed your new dog in a crate, where he can eat undisturbed, and teach kids not to wake up a sleeping dog, startling them by accident.  Children need to be taught to be gentle with dogs, and not step or stand on them.  They also need to remember to keep their toys put away, and close doors carefully, so their new friend does not get out of the house accidentally.