How do I find a Reputable Breeder?

The answer to that is easy but you will need patience. Reputable breeders do not breed or keep an inventory of Puppies or Dogs to sell.  They only plan litters with a specific goal in mind.

BHCA Member Breeders

We encourage you to contact a BHCA Member Breeder as he/she has signed a pledge to abide by the BHCA Code of Ethics. The BHCA Member Breeder directory has a listing of those members who breed Basset Hounds.

BHCA Website

You may find a puppy or adult Basset Hound on the Available Puppy and Adult Basset Hounds page. This listing is provided as a courtesy to the public and our member breeders. Note: The BHCA makes no warranty or guarantee about the dogs listed on this page. See our full disclaimer.

Dog Shows

Consider attending local Specialty (Basset Hound only) Dog Shows or All Breed Dog Shows and meet breeders in person. You can see if there is an event in your area by going to the BHCA Events Calendar or the American Kennel Club (AKC) Event Calendar.

BHCA Breeder Referral

BHCA’s Public Education Chairperson can provide recommendations to breeders in your area.  Email for Breeders

What is the best way to contact breeders?

When you contact a breeder, please introduce yourself and give them a brief history of your life with dogs, and what you are looking for. If you call and simply ask, “Do you have any puppies,” the short answer may well be, “No.” Most reputable breeders want to know about you before they say if they have or may have puppies available. They don’t want to argue if they don’t think you are an appropriate home. Most reputable breeders live busy work and home lives, so you might also ask if there is a better time to speak with them.