Why should I consider adopting a rescue Basset?

There are a number of good reasons to consider adopting a rescue Basset.  Many people find great joy and pleasure in giving a “new home” to a dog that has been brought in to rescue, often through no fault of their own.

Most Basset rescue dogs are adults and many are already housebroken.  They must be spayed or neutered before Rescue will place them in a home.  Rescue dogs are often an alternative for a loving family who truly wants a Basset Hound at a cost that is typically less than a dog from a reputable breeder.  Keep in mind that whether you purchase a dog from a reputable breeder, or arrange to adopt a rescue dog, veterinary care can be expensive. 

Expect to give your new dog about thirty days to acclimate to its new home or perhaps more if there are special circumstances.


  • Puppies often chew and need more close supervision than adult Bassets.
  • Puppies need more frequent potty stops than their adult counterparts. Most adult Bassets are housebroken and may just need a quick refresher course on house rules.
  • Basset puppies should be supervised when playing with bigger older dogs until they are at least one year old. Due to the anatomy of the Basset Hound, it is important that growth plates be closed which usually happens by the time they are a year before they are allowed to play with larger adult dogs or do stairs.  Injuries to the growth plates can cause severe lameness and a host of veterinary bills.  Adult Bassets should be able to participate in all family activities including playing with other adult pets without worry of injury.


  • In some cases rescue Bassets have been neglected and/or improperly trained by their former owners. They may require more patience and perhaps an occasional visit from a professional behaviorist.
  • In the case of Bassets with special needs, the adoptive family may need to be extremely understanding and use patience helping their new Basset adapt to its home.
  • Some rescue Bassets may be timid or shy until they have had a chance to adapt to their new surroundings.

With love and patience, these Basset Hounds can blossom into endearing lifetime pets.

How can I be sure adopting a Rescue Basset is right for me?

While those of us who have Bassets love this breed, if you are unsure, discuss this with the Rescue Coordinator that you are working with.  Perhaps you might want to volunteer to foster a dog or volunteer with the group until you are satisfied that this is right decision for you and your family.