How do I find a Reputable Rescue?

Look for a BHCA Recognized Rescue in your area.  You can also contact your local BHCA  club.  The BHCA Rescue Committee may be able to assist you if you are unable to find a group in your area.

Just as when purchasing a dog from a breeder, there are specific questions you should ask the Rescue Organization you may be working with to be sure that the dog you are adopting is the best match for your family.


  • Is the organization a 501(c)(3) charitable organization?
  • Does the organization have a website or social media presence that provides contact information and dogs for adoption?


  • Where are the dogs in their possession kept? (foster home, boarding, their own facility)
  • Who oversees the dogs in their care?
  • Are dogs provided immediate vet assessment and care upon intake?
  • How are the dogs assessed for temperament, behavior, issues etc.?
  • Will they take the dog back unconditionally if the adoption does not work out?


  • Does the rescue have an adoption application and explanation of the adoption process?
  • Does the rescue screen potential adoptive families? (vet check, verification of pet policy if renting, phone interview, home check)
  • Does the rescue have an adoption contract?
  • Does the rescue disclose all known medical conditions and needs of the dog and provide copies of treatments and vet records for the dog while in their care?
  • Does the rescue provide an opportunity to have your current dogs meet the potential adoptive dog to assure that they are compatible?


  • Does the rescue provide on-going support for problems occurring during both the acclimation time after adoption and during the life of the dog?
  • Will the rescue take the dog back unconditionally if the adoption does not work out?