Each Rescue organization has their own approval process for potential adopters.  Most Rescue organizations will at the very least require:

  • Complete an adoption application.
  • A vet check and referral if you currently have a pet or have had a pet in the past.
  • Verification of address.
  • Verification of rental/condo/home owner association/community agreement regarding number and type of pets allowed (if applicable).
  • Phone Interview.
  • Home Visit by a Rescue coordinator.
  • A visit with the potential Basset Hound for you and your entire family (including current dogs).

Adopter Beware

While there are many reputable rescue groups that do commendable work, a few are more like “retail rescue.”  Be careful of those groups who will ship dogs and do same day adoptions without prescreening and home visits.  It is usually best if the dog you are adopting has been fostered, has had all of its vet work checked, and who its rescuers know about its history.  It is always best if you can work through a BHCA Recognized Rescue.

If you are unsure of your decision, please contact the Chairperson of the Rescue Committee, Sandra Wittenberg at drsandi48@gmail.com.

Be patient while trying to find the right Rescue Basset for your home situation.  Rescues who foster their dogs will have a good reason to place their available hounds in the homes they choose.  Be willing to wait for the right Basset for you and your family.

It will be worth the wait to bring your new Basset into your home.