Becoming a BHCA Recognized Basset Rescue

For inclusion on the BHCA Website and Social Media

1.  Application

BHCA requires all new requests to become a BHCA Recognized Rescue Group to complete and return the official application form.

2.  Specific financial & organizational requirements

Registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization

  1. Financial data is available through annual review and expense reports
  2. Current Forms 990 on file with IRS for the previous year
  3. Mission Objectives clearly specify the rescue of Basset Hounds
  4. Impact statement identifies the focus of their efforts
  5. Letter of support/cooperation from local breed club from the state/area of operation

3.  Process

After reviewing the rescue status through Guidestar or other resources, the rescue will be included on the website or will be contacted to supply additional information.

We will provide a “Seal of Approval” from the BHCA for those rescues that meet the published criteria.  This seal may be posted on the organizations website stating that they are recognized by BHCA as a qualified Basset Hound rescue.

The rescue will be required to put a link to the BHCA website on the rescue’s website.  We will also put a link to the rescue’s Facebook page from the BHCA Facebook page and the rescue will also be required to put a link to the BHCA Facebook page.

The “Recognized Basset Rescue” list will be reviewed annually by the BHCA Rescue Advisory Committee to assure that the rescue is still operating and maintains accurate contact information and an active website and/or social media profile to promote adoption of Basset Hounds.

If you believe that your Rescue Group meets with the above requirements, contact the Rescue Committee Chairperson, Sandra Wittenberg at