The purpose of the Rescue Committee is to foster a productive relationship between BHCA and recognized 501c3 Basset Hound Rescue groups across the country.  The goals of this BHCA/Rescue relationship are to:

  • Promote involvement of rescue Basset Hounds in events as allowable by AKC guidelines and rules.
  • Provide breed information, educational information, as well as information about allowable venues and activities for pet owners of Basset Hounds at Breed Club events.
  • Provide venues for pet and rescue Basset Hounds to participate in events at local events and dog shows.
  • Encourage involvement of Breed Clubs with their local rescue groups in sharing of information, activities, educational opportunities and a resource for owners of pet Basset Hounds in the local community.
  • Plan and coordinate, with the assistance of the local rescue groups, an activity which is designed to engage and involve both the rescue community and BHCA membership at the BHCA Nationals each year.

Breed Clubs are encouraged to:

  • Appoint a Breed Club Rescue Liaison to serve as contact with the local Basset Hound Rescue groups in order to establish a positive working relationship.
  • Inform and invite members of the local Basset Hound Rescue groups to Breed Club events, such as matches, Meet-Ups, tracking events, Obedience classes, Therapy Dog classes, Rally classes, Agility classes and other appropriate activities as allowed by AKC.
  • Support and participate in events and fundraising activities of local Basset Hound rescues.
  • Develop a reliable method of on-going communication in which the Breed Club and local Basset Hound Rescue groups can seek advice and share information regarding local and personal Basset Hound concerns.
  • Encourage pet owners of Basset Hounds to become members of BHCA and the local Breed Club.