Timberline Basset Hound Club was established well over 50 years ago and has been an active resource for Basset Hound fanciers as far away as the UK, New York and New Hampshire but our main focus is in the state of Colorado. Timberline formed the very first Basset Hound rescue organization in the country and were the first Basset Hound club to be licensed by the AKC to hold agility trials.  Our yearly activities include 2 Basset Hound specialty shows, an obedience trial and rally trial, an all breed agility trial, a tracking test in March and hunting performance tests in the spring and fall. We meet monthly and welcome new members.

Club Contact

Susan Steinway, President - steinway_s@yahoo.com

Breeder Referral

Carol Makowski, bristleconebassets@yahoo.com,  303-665-9007

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