Foundation News and Events

Each year the BHCA Foundation hosts fundraising efforts at the BHCA National Specialty. These events and auctions have provided awareness to our mission while offering individuals and Basset Hound clubs an opportunity to participate. Proceeds from the previous year’s events, totaling over $35,000.00 to help basset hounds have included:

2015 — BHCAF Art Auction
2016 — Paco The Carousel Dog Raffle
2017 — BHCAF Jewely Raffle
2018 — Logo Pillow Sales
2021 — The sale of the “Basset Island” reproduction print
2022 — Hurl-A-Hare
2023 — Hurl-A-Hare “The Revenge”

And in 2024 “Hurl-A-Hare Around the Block” a block party where all are welcome whether you play or not, will be held on Wednesday of Nationals week.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: In the past, several Basset Hound art collections have been donated to the Foundation for fundraising efforts. Starting in 2024, due to storage and logistic difficulties, we are NO LONGER accepting full or partial collections. We will consider single items, and will accept them if they are of the quality that could be auctioned to the public for fundraising. If you have a single fine art item or piece of special Basset Hound-themed jewelry that might fall into that category, please contact our Treasurer, Brian Pechtold, at for evaluation.

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