Mission Statement

With advances in genetics and high resolution imaging, canine health knowledge and practice is expanding rapidly.  The core mission of the Health and Research Committee is to provide up-to-date information on health research outcomes and evolving best-care practices for the Basset Hound to BHCA members and to the general public.  To this end, the Committee:

  • Works to keep BHCA members and the general public informed of the latest advances regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health conditions that affect the Basset Hound. Updates are provided on this web site and in the Tally Ho Health and Research Column.
  • Identifies promising unfunded research and, coordinating with others such as the AKC Health Foundation and the BHCA Health Foundation, makes recommendations to the BHCA Board about providing direct financial support.
  • Based on emerging science, recommends that the BHCA Board adopt changes to the Club’s Health Policy.

The Health & Research Committee Chairperson is Rosemary Ryan.  If you wish to contact her, do so at r2ryan46@wavecable.com.  The other committee members are Sylvie McGee, Celeste Gonzalez, Patti Palmer, Sandi Wittenberg, Norine Noonan and Sarah Broom.

The BHCA provides this information as a service to its readers.  It is not intended to be a substitute for veterinary care.