January 2024 BHCA Update

Click here for a more detailed version of the monthly update, which was sent via e-mail to BHCA members.

Members Celeste Gonzalez and Sue Smyth are working on a bid to offer the 2026 Nationals in the southeast. Currently we are not aware of any bids past 2026. Are you interested in hosting the National Specialty in your region? The Nationals Advisory Committee Chair, Beverly Barringer-Ruggeri, can advise on planning and putting together a bid.

The Health Committee hosted a meeting with Dr. Matthew Gentry and Dr. Berge Minassian to update on Lafora treatment approaches, and video of the session is now available on YouTube, with a link on the .

The 2024 National Specialty website is available at https://bhcanationals.net, with more information and links for reservations and merchandise purchasing coming over the next month or so.

The deadline for the March-April Tally-Ho is February 1st. Club members can advertise their events and new champions in the New Title gallery for just $25. Reach out to Terri Ralenkotter to reserve space.

Any questions can be directed to Sylvie McGee at sylviebhcabod@gmail.com.