2023 BHCA Officer Elections: Candidate biographies

Here are the biographies, submitted by the candidates themselves, for candidates in contested elections for the Basset Hound Club of America officers and board of directors. The biographies are divided by office and listed in alphabetical order by last name.

By clicking on the link for the candidate's biography, a PDF of the biography will open in a new window.

Candidates for BHCA Treasurer:

Melinda Brown — Click here to read Melinda Brown's biography
Jacquelyn Fogel — Click here to read Jacquelyn Fogel's biography

Candidates for BHCA Board of Directors:

Jeanne Dietrich — Click here to read Jeanne Dietrich's biography
Sharon Dok — Click here to read Sharon Dok's biography
Roy Fair — Click here to read Roy Fair's biography
Tami Whitney — Click here to read Tami Whitney's biography
Sandi Wittenberg — Click here to read Sandi Wittenberg's biography

During this year's election, BHCA members will also vote on proposed changes to the BHCA Bylaws. You can find additional information about the proposed changes on another item on the News page.

Click here to see the News post with information on the proposed changes to the Bylaws.