Basset Hound: A World History (2019 edition) – Limited Time European Delivery to World Dog Show

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New edition of Randy Frederiksen’s definitive book on the history of our beloved breed.

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Special offer!  You can receive your book at the 2020 World Dog Show in Madrid, Spain.  No need to buy 5 copies to receive the bulk shipping rate.

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A fascinating and enlightening new book based on the historical research of Randy Fredericksen, a fifty-year Basset Hound owner, breeder, exhibitor, author, and four-term president of the Basset Hound Club of America.

Functionally designed through its chronological layout, the reader is taken on a journey from the breed's creation to its contemporary status among the canine family.  This is a must-read book for all who love the Basset Hound, be it through a cherished pet, competitive partner, or hunting companion.

Published in hardcover with 320 pages and containing over 450 illustrations, it will serve the studious enthusiast and casual page-turner with equal pleasure.

Take advantage of this limited edition book and the special price while supplies last.