Electronic voting and dues reminder

DUE TO THE ANNUAL MEETING BEING EARLY THIS YEAR, the procedures for voting have to be adjusted to conform to our Bylaws.

If you wish to receive an electronic ballot, your dues must be paid AND RECEIVED NO LATER THAN July 21. Anyone who has not paid their dues by 7/21 will be sent a written paper ballot.

If you receive a written ballot you will HAVE to vote by returning the written ballot, and will not have the option of voting electronically.

If you receive a written ballot, the instructions you will receive with the written ballot will state:

“For the ballot to be valid, two requirements must be met:
1. The ballot must be returned by August 22 (10 days before the Annual Meeting), and
2. Your dues need to be paid by August 31."

On September 1st, the tellers committee will set aside any written ballot from a member whose dues have not been paid by 8/31.

PLEASE pay your dues no later than July 21 to make it easier for you, the Recording Secretary who must prepare all the mailings, and the tellers’ committee to receive and tabulate your vote!