The Conformation Certificate is a non-competitive conformation evaluation for Basset Hounds who are seeking to earn a Versatility Certificate. Since a BHCA Versatility Certificate can only be earned if a Basset conforms to the standard, as well as earns titles in varied performance and companion venues, the Conformation Certificate is offered to allow Basset Hounds who are not being shown in the conformation ring to earn their Versatility Certificate.

In the Conformation Certificate program, the Basset Hound is evaluated by three evaluators who have been certified to conduct the evaluations, and its qualities are assessed in relation to the breed standard in a structured and comprehensive way.

BHCA will offer Conformation Certificate evaluation at the national specialty based on advance entries.  Entries must be submitted in advance as no onsite entries will be accepted.

Date: Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Location: The Conformation Certificate evaluations will be conducted at the Allen County Fairgrounds, 2750 Harding Highway, Lima, OH. This is 1.4 miles and about a five minute drive from the host hotel.

The Conformation Certificate entry is separate from the overall Nationals Premium List. To obtain the entry form and instructions on information needed, contact Freda Burks, Versatility Committee Chairperson.  Please note that entries require several photos of your Basset Hound, so allow enough time to obtain those.

Additional information about the Conformation Certificate is available on the BHCA website here, and additional information about the Versatility Certificate is available here.

Questions about this event? Contact Versatility Committee Chair Freda Burks.