Just a few of the things that Rockford has to offer and much more.

Come to the BHCA Nationals and see Rockford

Baseball gave women the opportunity to compete in a game that had similarities to the men’s game of baseball. It provided them with the opportunity to be professional athletes. The Rockford Peaches were a women's professional baseball team who played from 1943 through 1954 in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

The players were required to adapt to the personal lifestyle required by the league. They had to always be ladies. There was a League Charm School Guide and a strict League Code of Conduct.

When out of uniform and in public, they must always appear in feminine attire, must be well groomed and lipstick always on.

The movie, “A League of Their Own” 1992 was a comedy-drama fictionalized about this team.

Rockford is also home to the Original Sock Monkey. The Rockford icon
got its start at the Nelson Knitting Company. Midway Village Museum is
where you will find the tributes to the Peaches and Sock Monkey.


***** Suggested Restaurants *****

Josef Steakhouse & Oyster Bar ($$$)

Greenfire Restaurant & Bakery

Omakase (Japanese)

Sam's Italian/Steakhouse

Olympic Tavern and Restaurant

In Rockford, there are two great chip companies, Old Salty’s and Mrs. Fishers. You can taste both at their factory or store and they are available, everywhere.

Rockford is a city in the northern part of Illinois and is also known as the Forest City. It is famous for being a cultural and historical attraction hotspot where numerous museums could be found in the city.

Situated on the banks of the Rock River, Rockford is the largest city in Illinois outside of the Chicago metropolitan area, Rockford is the fourth-largest city in the state  with a population of 148,655 with an outlying metropolitan area population of 348,360.

Jane the T. rex also resides here. She is the world’s most complete and best preserved juvenile T. rex

She was discovered in 2001 in Montana. Her 21-foot skeleton highlights the Burpee Museum of Natural History. Jane is one of the most famous T. rex’s in the world

Construction of Anderson Japanese Gardens began in 1978, when Rockford businessman John Anderson was inspired by a visit to the Portland Japanese Garden in Oregon. With the ongoing assistance of renowned Master Craftsman and designer Hoichi Kurisu, the Andersons’ swampy backyard along Rockford’s Spring Creek was transformed into a Japanese-style landscape. From groundbreaking to today, the placement of every rock, alignment of every tree, and layout of all paths has been made with careful consideration by Mr. Kurisu. In 1998, John and Linda Anderson donated the Gardens as a supported organization to the Rockford Rotary Charitable Association. It now exists as a not-for-profit entity and continues to grow and change to this day.

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