The 2021 Nationals Committee includes many dedicated volunteers who are working hard to make this event a pleasure for you to attend. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question, or to thank them for their service to BHCA.

Chair Position Name
Coordinator Stormy Goodbar
Co Coordinator/Show Chair Gene McDonald
Assistant Show Chair Bobbi Brandt
Agility Anne Testoni
Shelly Gordon
Agility Secretary Jill Roberts
Catalog Ads Terri Ralenkotter
Catalog Sales Bev Barringer-Ruggeri
Chief Ring Steward Robert Opeka
Clothing Sales Tom Whitney
Dinner Reservations Amanda Ballew
Field Trial Chair Cheryl Long
Field Trial Secretary Lei Ruckle Ausman
Grooming Chair Archie & Carol Kintner
Grounds Spencer Hayes
David Bee
Hospitality Wendy Ryan
HPT Chair Ken Engle
HPT Secretary Carol Makowski
Nationals Logo Tom Whitney
Obedience/Rally Terri Ralenkotter
Raffle/Auction/Fun Day Sandi Wittenberg
RV Chair Sue Frischmann
Candy Carswell
Scent Work Chair Lora Megli
Scent Work Secretary Dave Crawford
Show Secretary Cindy Wegner
Social Media Tami Whitney
Cynthia Miller
Tracking Chair/Secretary Melody Fair
Treasurer Greg Goodbar
Triathlon Challenge David Crawford
Trophy Mimi Tysseling
Vendors Shelly Gordon
Ways & Means Sukey Shor
Website Sylvie McGee