The 2021 Nationals Committee includes many dedicated volunteers who are working hard to make this event a pleasure for you to attend. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question, or to thank them for their service to BHCA.

Chair Position Name
Coordinator Stormy Goodbar
Co Coordinator/Show Chair Gene McDonald
Assistant Show Chair Bobbi Brandt
Agility Anne Testoni
Shelly Gordon
Agility Secretary Jill Roberts
Catalog Ads Terri Ralenkotter
Catalog Sales Bev Barringer-Ruggeri
Chief Ring Steward Robert Opeka
Clothing Sales Tom Whitney
Dinner Reservations Amanda Ballew
Field Trial Chair Cheryl Long
Field Trial Secretary Lei Ruckle Ausman
Grooming Chair Archie & Carol Kintner
Grounds Spencer Hayes
David Bee
Hospitality Wendy Ryan
HPT Chair Ken Engle
HPT Secretary Carol Makowski
Nationals Logo Tom Whitney
Obedience/Rally Terri Ralenkotter
Raffle/Auction/Fun Day Sandi Wittenberg
RV Chair Sue Frischmann
Candy Carswell
Scent Work Chair Lora Megli
Scent Work Secretary Dave Crawford
Show Secretary Cindy Wegner
Social Media Cynthia Miller
Tracking Chair/Secretary Melody Fair
Treasurer Greg Goodbar
Triathlon Challenge David Crawford
Trophy Mimi Tysseling
Vendors Shelly Gordon
Ways & Means Sukey Shor
Website Sylvie McGee