BHCA officers election

With no candidates offering to run by petition, the following Nominating Committee slate will be automatically seated at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting at the 2019 BHCA Nationals in Colorado:

1st Vice President: Sylvie McGee (West region)
Recording secretary: Bobbi Brandt (West)
Treasurer: Melinda Brown (East)
Director: Linda Cain (West)
Director: Sue Frischmann (East)
Director: Victoria Russell (Central)
AKC Delegate: Dr. Norine Noonan

The remaining Board Members not up for re-election are as follows:

President: Richard Nance (West)
2nd Vice President: Anne Testoni (East)
Corresponding Secretary: Sandra Wittenberg (Central)
Director: Marianne Lovejoy (West)
Director: Brian Pechtold (Central)

Sectional representation for new board:
East region: 3; Central region: 3; West region: 5