Questions You Should Ask A Breeder

How long have you been breeding AKC Basset Hounds?

Good breeders have usually been breeding for a minimum of 5 years.

Do you belong to the Basset Hound Club of America or a BHCA Member Basset Hound Club?

Membership in these clubs involves working within a code of ethics which helps give credibility to a breeder.

Is the breeder an AKC Breeder of Merit or AKC Breeder with Heart?

This means that the breeder has met certain criteria required by AKC.

Does the breeder sell with a spay or neuter contract if not a show dog or with a limited registration?    (Some breeders will allow extra time to spay or neuter based on their beliefs regarding health issues.)

Reputable breeders do not want pets bred just for the sake of producing puppies.

At what age are puppies sold?

Most reputable breeders will keep their puppies until at least 10 or 12 weeks.  Many will keep them longer in order to better evaluate them.  It is best if puppies don’t leave their home until they have had all of their shots.  In particular, if you are trying to buy a show prospect, the older the better.  What you see at an early age is not what you usually get.

Does the breeder advertise their puppies for sale on social media?

Most reputable breeders depend on a good reputation and referrals for their puppies.  Beware of breeders selling puppies on social media, in newspapers or on “lists”.

Does the breeder require that you come in person to pick up your puppy?

Reputable breeders will want to meet you in person and won’t ship puppies to unknown parties.

What types of activities do your dogs participate in?

Most breeders show their Basset Hounds and may participate in showing, obedience, agility, tracking, field trialing, hunt performance competition.

Do you have any puppies available, and if not, when do you plan another litter?

If they have puppies available, the majority of breeders will put your name on a waiting list. Other breeders whose lists are full are usually more than willing to refer you to reputable breeders in their area.  If someone suggests that you “pre-order your puppy and put down a deposit, they are unlikely to be reputable.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Most breeders will guarantee the health of a puppy for a specific period of time and if something goes wrong will offer to replace the puppy with another one or give a full refund. Warranties differ with each breeder. (Read the Warranty carefully and ask questions before purchasing your Basset.)

What type of paperwork is provided and will it include proof of vaccinations and worming?

Breeders should provide a Bill of Sale, a contract detailing the conditions of the sale and a copy of the puppy’s health record. Breeders may use a “limited registration” which will prevent any offspring from being registered with the AKC.

Does the breeder indicate that the puppy can be returned if for any reason you can’t keep it? Do they offer to give you support through the life of the dog if you have questions.

If a breeder is unwilling to take back a dog during the length of its life and to be willing to keep or rehome it, this is a breeder that you don’t want to work with.

Don’t feel obligated to take a puppy once you have seen it and met the breeder.  This is a long term decision and you want to make sure that it is the right one for you and your family.  Don’t feel pressured.  If you don't feel comfortable with this breeder, move on.