Contestants at Hurl A Hare
ChuckADuck Target

Hurl A Hare!

Support the mission of the BHCA Foundation on Wednesday following Bitches competition and the Annual Meeting!

Join us for “Hurl A Hare”, the Basset Hound version of “Chuck a Duck”.

Whether you compete with your Specialty Club, your kennel mates, form a team of Basset friends or go at it alone, you will be eligible to win 50% of the fundraising pot and other awesome prizes! Registration will start ringside at the show on Monday and will be available up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the Event.

Get creative and help us help the hounds - start planning your winning strategies today!

The BHCA Foundation was established to fund projects that further the welfare of the breed. The Foundation achieves its mission by:

  •      Educating the public about Basset Hounds and other breeds of dogs;
  •      Supporting health research and education on diseases, genetic defects, injuries and other ailments afflicting Basset Hounds and other breeds of dogs;
  •      Supporting development, publication and distribution of educational materials about care, treatment, health, breeding and training of Bassets; and
  •      Promoting rescue, rehabilitation and placement of displaced Bassets.

Questions about this event? Email Hurl-A-Hare Chair Mimi Tysseling.