Specialty Shows

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Basset Hound Club show will offer conformation classes. The specialty will be held on Sunday afternoon, September 20.

The Fort Dearborn BHC Specialty show will include conformation, obedience and rally. The specialty will be held on Monday, September 21.


Both specialties will be held at the primary events site: Mercyhealth Sportscore Two Indoor Sports Center, about 7 miles from the host hotel, at 8800 East Riverside Boulevard, Loves Park, Illinois.

Map to Conformation Events


Minneapolis-St. Paul Basset Hound Club: Judge Sanda Launey

Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Club:

  •    The Conformation judge for the specialty is Joe Smith.
  •    The Junior Showmanship judge is Richard Nance.
  •    The Obedience and Rally judge is Rick Cox.

Judges biographies

Rick Cox, Obedience and Rally Judge:

As a child Rick wanted a dog of his own but his parents didn't think that a pet was necessary for the family. He satisfied his love for dogs by befriending all of his friend's dogs. His first dog was his wife's family dog which came along with the marriage.

A couple of years later Rick and his wife purchased a Labrador puppy from a friend. The dog was quite a handful as they soon learned. In frustration Rick and his wife turned to a friend that they knew was Obedience Training her dogs. She suggested that they take Obedience Classes at her Club and try to get control of their Labrador. Rick's wife contacted the Club and quickly became hooked on Obedience.

In the late 1980's Rick's wife presented him with a beautiful, well-bred Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy and suggested to him that he should train the new dog. Rick became active in their local Club and it didn't take long before he got hooked on Obedience Training. Rick has been training, teaching and showing dogs since that time, owning Labradors, Shelties and currently a Golden Retriever.

Being active in the sport Rick decided that becoming an AKC Obedience Judge would be a great opportunity. He knew that it was a lengthy process to become a fully approved Obedience Judge but thought that it would be a great way to stay active in the sport. The plan worked out well as he became a fully approved Obedience and Rally Judge a few years before his retirement.

Rick enjoys meeting new people and their canine companions whether showing a dog or Judging an Obedience or Rally Trial. He and his wife live in Northern Illinois during the summer, and in southwest Florida during the winter.

Premium Lists

The premium lists for the specialty shows will be posted here when published.