Field Trials

Field trials will be held on Saturday September 19 and Sunday September 20 at the Northern Illinois Brace Club.


The field trial site is about 12 miles from the host hotel, at 8702 Elevator Road, Roscoe, Illinois.



  •      Open All Age Dog Class - Stan Knoll and Shawn Niles
  •      Field Champion Class - Bill Dyer and Larry GohlkeSunday
  •      Open All Age Bitch Class - Lori Isaacson and Cheri Faust
  •      Derby Class - Patsy Leonberger and Bill Dyer

Judge Biographies

Stan Knoll, from Mississippi,  is a long-time Dachshund field trial judge and Top Ten competitor, who has also judged Beagle trails (traditional brace and gundog brace) as well as Beagle two-couple packs. Stan was your breakfast cook in 2018.

Shawn Niles, from Illinois, is a longtime Dachshund field trial judge, tracking judge, earthdog test judge, and competitor in all venues (field trial, earthdog, tracking, agility, rally, obedience and more). Shawn has also judged Beagle trials and Beagle two-couple pack.

Bill Dyer, from Ohio, is a Beagle field trialer in all venues - traditional brace, gundog brace, SPO, and two-couple pack, as well as a Dachshund field trialer. He has judged multiple Basset Hound trials, and has judged a National field trail for Beagles, Bassets and Dachshunds (the Triple Crown).

Larry Gohlke, from Wisconsin, has judged hundreds of Dachshund trials, judged the BHCA National Field Trials in 2018 and in 2010. He has also judged multiple Beagle trials and two-couple pack, and done more things with dogs than most of us think of!

Lori Isaacson, from Texas, is a longtime Dachshund field trial judge who also owns Beagles that she has run in two-couple pack and SPO trials. She has judged multiple Beagle field trials and two-couple pack, and has judged Basset Hound field trials three times.

Cheri Faust, from Wisconsin, has judged over 200 Dachshund field trials, judged at the BHCA 2018 National field trial, has judged multiple Beagle trials (traditional brace, SPO, gundog brace) and two-couple pack, and is also a PBGV hunt test judge.

Premium List

The premium list for Field Trials will be posted here when published.

Questions about this event? Email one of the event chairs: Marianne Lovejoy or Linda Cain, or the Field Trial Secretary, Patti Palmer.