2019 BHCA Nationals Field Trials

Friday, September 27th Dogs, Champions - 7 am – 5 pm

Saturday, September 28th, Bitches, Absolute - 7 am - 5 pm


Fox and Hare Farm
Mishka Kilgore, Owner
36490 E. Ramah Road
Ramah, CO 80832

Ramah is approximately 100 miles from the host hotel and takes a little under 2 hours to arrive.

The Hunt Test will be at this same location on Sunday, September 29th.  We've arranged for parking across the road, a short walk to the draw area. Mishka's oversized garage will be used for the draw.  We'll have tables and chairs set up for breakfast and lunch.  There are rabbits but it's not like the Beagle grounds many are used to.  This is open range with knee high growth.  There are cottontails.  Llamas, alpacas, goats and a horse are penned in at the front part of the property.


From the Crowne Plaza, take I-70 East 75 miles to US-24 and turn right, drive 27 miles towards the town of Ramah. Turn left on Ramah Highway and go to the intersection of Ramah Highway and Ramah Road. Mishka’s house, with a big green roof, is at the stop sign on the left. Fox and Hare Farm is private property owned by Timberline Basset Hound Club member Mishka Kilgore.

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  • Overnight parking available across from test site
  • Breakfast and lunch each day on site – donations appreciated
  • Restaurants, hotel and RV Park in Simla

Restaurants, Hotels, RV Park

There are chain hotels in Colorado Springs and Limon. Calhan and Simla are closer to the test grounds and also have a couple of hotels. A few Timberline club members stayed at the Western Lodge in Simla and the consensus was that while it was inexpensive and dog friendly it was also quite "colorful". More research is being done regarding the hotel in Calhan - look for updates! There will be RV parking at the test grounds for self contained RVs.

Western Lodge Motel and RV Park (Dog Friendly)
811 Caribou Street
Simla, CO 80835
(719) 541-2465

Country Corner Cafe (closes at 2 pm)
Breakfast Restaurant
601 US-24, Simla, CO (719) 541-2222

Momma Smith's Café
401 Caribou St.
Simla, CO (719) 740-0142
Photos of Fox and Hare Farm: