Foundation News

The BHCA Foundation is proud of the programs it supports through your generous donations.  Please read below to see how we are using funds to support health research and basset hound rescue organizations.

Health Research

In the area of health research, the Foundation has been very busy.  We co-funded a grant with the AKC Canine Health Foundation (AKC/CHF) to Dr. Catherine Mellersh, UK Animal Health Trust, to advance her work on Primary Closed Angle Glaucoma (PCAG).  This research team has interest in BOTH closed and open angle glaucoma and has developed a genetic test for Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG).  The samples collected at the 2019 Nationals will further advance this research.  We are also continuing our support for the AKC/CHF major program areas of lymphoma research and bloat research.

In addition, the Foundation fully funded the collection of saliva samples at the 2019 Nationals for a new project at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine to study what could be an emerging health issue, Mucopolysaccharoidosis Type 1.  This devastating genetic disease has been confirmed in Bassets and this study will be the first to examine its prevalence in our breed.

The Foundation has also been very proactive in funding cancer research grants especially those related to lymphoma which unfortunately is very common in most breeds including our own.

Your support has been critical to these efforts.  With the combined resources of our Donor Advised Fund at AKC/CHF (which the Foundation manages) and your direct donations to the Foundation, BHCA has funded over $150,000 of health research that has generated dozens of publications that advance the science of canine health.

Basset Hound Rescue

For rescue groups, the Foundation has provided grants totaling over $30,000 over the years.  Here is what two of those organizations have told us about the impact of your donations:


"Albert is a 10-year-old basset hound that came to the Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California (BHRSC) last year from a shelter with many untreated issues….He became a member of the Forever Foster program, which funds the medical costs associated with taking care of an older or higher needs Basset Hound in return for the foster family providing a safe and loving home for them to live out their days…He has a big heart and a mellow disposition, and is enjoying living his peaceful life in his Forever Foster home free of pain and full of love. BHRSC is grateful for the resources provided by the Basset Hound Club of America Foundation that allow us to continue helping Basset Hounds like Albert to have the best possible outcome." 


"Nine-year old Mollie was just surrendered to us (Belly Rubs Basset Hound Rescue of Tennessee) by an owner who could no longer care for her.  She had not really seen a vet in five years, so she needed a full check-up, and a badly needed dental and, at the same time, [needed to] have some suspicious lumps removed.  Mollie acts more like a five year old Basset, very active and playful and already has an adopter.  Her surgery is over and she is doing great. This grant helped us get her in the best shape for adoption."