Standing Rules

Last Revised at Annual Meeting • October 10, 2014, Oconomowoc, WI

Selection of Judges

The Process by which judges are selected for the BHCA Fall Nationals shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.


Leftover Trophies.  The Board shall be responsible for the distribution of leftover trophies from BHCA events.  The Board may appoint a person to act as liaison for leftover Trophies.

Challenge Trophies.  Winners of challenge Trophies from BHCA events are responsible for the care and return of each trophy to the next ensuing BHCA event where the Challenge Trophy is offered.  Winners of Challenge Trophies must sign a contract, approved by the Board of Directors, accepting certain conditions prior to taking possession of the Challenge Trophy.  The Board of Directors will consider the acceptance of all Challenge Trophies based on merit of cause and appropriate value. Challenge Trophies will not be allowed to leave the United States.

Trophy Donations.  All Trophy donations are to be in cash for the purchase of uniform trophies. Trophy pledges shall specify whether the donation is to be used for Conformation, Field, Obedience or Tracking.  This will be stated In the BHCA National specialty premium list.  (Revised 10/6/11)

Selection of Inspectors of Election for BHCA Annual Election of Officers and Directors

Sectional representation shall be adhered to whenever possible.  At least three of the four tellers shall be residents of the United States of America.   (Revised 10/6/11)

Solicitation of Funds

Solicitation of all funds in the name of BHCA must receive the approval of the Board of Directors. 

Membership Dues

Maximum yearly membership dues shall be no more than $65 for Single/Household/Local Basset Hound Club and Associate Memberships, $23 for Junior Membership.  Actual yearly membership fees will be determined by the Board of Directors.  Persons accepted into BHCA membership after March 1stof a year will not be assessed dues for the ensuing year.  The club statement will specify payment in US funds.  The Treasurer will record the date that each member’s dues are paid.  (Revised 10/6/11)

Membership Dues Addendum: Life Members

If only one person of a Household Membership is a Life member, the second person is not to be billed for membership dues for the life of the Life member, provided such person elects to a one-vote Household membership.  Said person is to be included on the membership roster and on Tally-Ho labels.  If both persons are Life members, they will receive one Tally-Hobut will have two votes.   (Revised 10/6/11)

Board Records

Records of the Board.  In addition to the record of minutes and votes required by the bylaws, Board records also shall include all correspondence relating to business of the Board and correspondence of the Corresponding Secretary to members and non-members.   Correspondence includes mail received and sent via the postal service and mail received and sent electronically.  Records should be kept in both paper and electronic archive format.  A system for safe storage (i.e.: safe deposit box) of the electronic archive will be enacted and maintained by the Board.

Request to view Records of the Board.  Board Records shall be open for inspection at face to face meeting of the Board of Directors.  The Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary will have the records covering the time since the prior face to face Board meeting.

Request for copy of Board Records.  Any member may request a copy of the Board Record regarding a particular subject by making the request in writing to the Corresponding secretary.  The request will be reviewed by the Board.  The requested Record may be sent as electronic or paper copy. If the record contains as part of the record topics not of the particular subject, the Board may instruct the record be redacted to include only record of the requested subject.

Publication of Board Records.   The Recording Secretary shall cause to have published in each issue of Tally-Ho in the Recording Secretary's column and/or the Minutes of Meetings, a complete and accurate recording of all votes taken by the Board of Directors since the time of the previous Tally-Ho to include the names of each Officer and each board member and their vote on each issue.

The Corresponding Secretary shall cause to have published in each issue of Tall-Ho a summary of correspondence received and answered since the time of the previous Tally-Ho.  (Revised 10/6/11)


Awards shall be on a calendar year basis.  To receive BHCA awards, BHCA membership is required of all ownership of the dog.  The awards to be given according to the January to December issue of the AKC Gazette.

Tally-Ho Content Publication and Distribution

The content, publication and distribution of the Club’s newsletter, presently Tally-Ho, and the Club’s website at shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.  (Revised 10/6/11)

Donations and Subscriptions

Donations and subscriptions shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.


The Club's Treasurer, as stipulated in the Bylaws, and others authorized to sign checks and make withdrawals from club accounts, as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, shall be bonded for an amount determined by the Board. (Revised 10/6/11)

Signers of Club Checks

Club general funds.  The BHCA President and Treasurer, shall both be authorized to sign checks for the Club general funds and make withdrawals from the Club savings/money market accounts.  The President shall sign checks only when the Treasurer is unable to do so.

Club’s Committee funds for which separate bank accounts are maintained.  The Board may authorize the establishment of a separate bank account for a committee.  The President, Treasurer, and the Committee chairperson and/or Committee Treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks and make withdrawals for the account.  Regular reporting will be made by the Committee Chair or Committee Treasurer to the Club’s Treasurer for inclusion in consolidated financial reporting of the club.

Such accounts will be closed and any remaining balance in the account will be remitted to the Treasurer for redeposit into the General Fund Account: at the change of Chairman or Treasurer for the Committee, the dissolution of the Committee or at the request of the Board.  All financial records of the account will also be sent to the Treasurer for audit inclusion.  Revised (10/6/11)


Any unusual or non-budgeted expenditure by any committee or individual must have approval of the Board of Directors.

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors shall meet as specified in the By-laws after the Election, and at least one additional time approximately four to six months later.  All cost incurred in the attendance of such meetings shall be borne by the Board member.  (Newly Revised 10/10/15)

BHCA National Budget

The BHCA Nationals shall be budgeted by the Nationals Coordinator and approved by the Board of Directors. It shall be so constructed as to reflect the costs and revenues and to be budgeted to break even. Profits and losses shall be placed in or taken from the General Fund. Profits from the Nationals are not to be considered a source of revenue in the Annual Budget forecast

Board Parliamentary Procedure

The Board of Directors of the Basset Hound Club of America, consisting of twelve members (eleven voting and one nonvoting member – AKC Delegate) will at all times conduct itself under the rules governing LARGE Boards as prescribed by BHCA custom, tradition and within the parliamentary authority, Roberts Rule of Order, Newly Revised. 10/7/06.