Below are the current applicants for membership in the Basset Hound Club of America:

Applicant Name(s) / Membership Type / Sponsors

Applications received June 29, 2019:
Susan Coffey / Single / Sponsors: Sandie Roush, Dee Hagy
Melissa M. Roethle / Single / Sponsors: Ellen Ferguson, Julie Moore

Applications received as of June 28, 2019:
Holly and Isaac Hook / Household / Sponsors: Corey Rigoni, Novia Staviski
Ingrid Huitinga & Martini Vantiel / Associate / Sponsors: None required
Kella Knack and Lee Ritchey / Associate / Sponsors: None required
Phillip W. Lanier / Single / Sponsors: Devon Merritt, Robin Snell
Ben Marley & Samantha Fox / Household / Sponsors: Belinda Lanphear, Miriam/Mike Teft
Sandrita Marquez-Ouando / Single / Sponsors: Sue Graham, Cooky Martin-Fannar
Tim O. Martinez III and V. Lorraine Martinez / Household / Sponsors: Sara Watson/Jan Allison, Patty Palmer
Amy and Mark Merkow / Associate / Sponsors: None required
Wendie and Arthur Monrroy / Associate / Sponsors: None Required
Morgan and Brandon Pettit / Associate / Sponsors: None Required
Erica and Daniel Ryan / Household / Sponsors: Ann Harris Chaffin, Dee Hagy
Eric R. White / Single / Sponsors:  Richard Nance, Sharon Nance

According to the Constitution and Bylaws, if no unfavorable replies are received by the Corresponding Secretary within sixty (60) days of the publication of applicant names in the Tally-Ho, the Board of Directors will proceed with a vote to approve membership. Any unfavorable replies received shall require further consideration of the application by the Board.

The following applicants were approved for membership in the Basset Hound Club of America by the Board of Directors on May 15, 2019, but their names were not included in the July/August 2019 issue of the Tally-Ho. Their names will appear in a subsequent issue but are being published online for the time being.

Applicant Name(s) / Membership Type / Sponsors

Linn and Melvin Ainslie / Associate / Sponsors: None required
Rachel Johnson Geisler / Associate/ Sponsors: None required
Veronica Lo and Eduardo Bueno / Household / Sponsors: Linda Cain, Lisa Steele
James and Tasha Rogers / Household / Sponsors: Lei Ruckle, John Meahl
Denise Sachs / Associate / Sponsors: None required