Specialty Shows

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Basset Hound Club Specialty show will offer conformation classes. The specialty will be held on Sunday afternoon, October 2nd, 2022.

The Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Club Specialty show will include conformation, obedience and rally. The specialty will be held on Monday, October 3rd, 2022.


Both specialties will be held at the primary events site: Mercyhealth Sportscore Two Indoor Sports Center, about 7 miles from the host hotel, at 8800 East Riverside Boulevard, Loves Park, Illinois.

Map to Conformation Events


Minneapolis-St. Paul Basset Hound Club: Judge Sanda Launey, Cypress, Texas.

Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Club:

  •    The Conformation judge for the specialty is Joe Smith, Dilliner, Pennsylvania.
  •    The Junior Showmanship judge is Richard Nance, Abiquiu, New Mexico.
  •    The Obedience and Rally judge is Loretta Lazarra, St. Charles, Illinois

Judges biographies

Minneapolis-St. Paul Basset Hound Club

Sanda Launey (Judging Conformation for the Minneapolois-St. Paul Basset Hound Club)

Basset Hounds have been an essential in my life since the mid-eighties. I admire their good looks, companionship and versatility and have strived to be a good steward of the breed. Along the way I have competed with my Brierwood hounds in Conformation, Field Trials, Tracking, Obedience, Rally and Scentwork. I tried Agility when it was a new sport, but discovered I wasn't either quick witted or quick footed enough. There is so much more available for our hounds in sport these days and we are finding success with them in everything. Don't you just love that about them!

Along the way to becoming a BHCA Life Member I chaired committees, served on the Board, chaired a Nationals tracking event, placed often and won sweepstakes or points at the Nationals, judged the Nationals, wrote for the Tally-Ho, served as the BHCA Gazette Columnist for years and was sent to the AKC as a delegate with the mission to accomplish getting the ramp required for all Basset Hound conformation competition and Junior Showmanship.

For gifting this wonderful breed to us, thank you to all who came before. Thank you to all my contemporaries for your devoted stewardship. We are gifting great hounds to future Basset Hound fanciers.

Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Club

Joe Smith (Judging Conformation for the Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Club)

My dog show career began in 1971 with an Afghan Hound puppy named “Petula.”  Desiring less grooming and something more easily contained, I turned my attention to Basset Hounds in 1982, acquiring two bitches from Beaujangles.  Under the kennel name Bluline, I bred about 20 champions, closing my kennel in 2006.  A lifelong interest in pedigrees and genetics led me to also pursue the breeding and exhibition of Nubian goats, Pygmy Goats and most currently English Budgies and Miniature Silky Fainting Goats.  In the early 1990’s, the dwarf gene appeared in the cat world, leading me onto a 25-year journey to found and achieve full championship status for the Minuet cat.  I am grateful for the diverse areas (and people) my “passion” has taken me.  Thank you so much for the honor of judging your specialty show on the eve of the BHCA Nationals.

Richard Nance - Jrs. Judge

Richard Nance (Judging Junior Showmanship for Fort Dearborn BHC).

Sharon and I have had bassets in our lives since 1983.  We purchased our first basset (Bogie) on a cold snowy day.  Three years later we purchased our 2nd basset (Bacall).  We lost Bogie when he was 12 ½ and a few months later we lost Bacall.  After a few months of not having a basset in the house, we started looking for another.  We didn’t start out looking for a show puppy, but we knew we wanted a basset from a reputable breeder.  In 1996, Augie came into our lives.

We went to training classes and learned how to show.  Augie finished at 13 months.  We developed a friendship with his breeder, Harriet Richman, and acquired his littermate Roses when she was a year old.  Roses finished very quickly and had only one litter.  But from that single litter, BoBac Bassets was born.  We have bred over 60 champions, most of which were breeder/owner handled.

Quickly after acquiring Augie, we joined the BHCA in 1996 and both local basset hound clubs.  I served in various board positions of both the Dal-Tex Basset Hound Club and the Basset Hound Club of Greater Fort Worth.  I am currently Corresponding Secretary of the Fort Worth Club. I was Coordinator for the 2008 BHCA Nationals held in Texas, Co-Coordinator and Show Chairman for the 2019 Nationals in Denver, CO and Show Chairman for the 2020 Nationals.

I have served on numerous BHCA committee positions including webmaster, tellers, nominating, guidelines and judge’s education.  I am currently serving as BHCA President, and have served previously as 1st VP,  Director and Recording Secretary.  I have attended every Nationals, except one, since 1998.

I have enjoyed being chair of the BHCA Judges Education committee.  Several times a year I am the presenter at Basset Hound seminars and workshops for new breed judges. I have had several articles published on judging our breed.

We have been involved with basset rescue for 20+ years.  Sharon was Operations Director and I was Treasurer of North Texas Basset Hound Rescue.  I worked with an attorney to set up the charter and bylaws. Shortly after that, the group received their 501-c3 status.  We currently support the activities of NTBHR.

Professionally, I spent my entire career in the computer industry.  Prior to my retirement in 2006, I spent 14 years with Tuesday Morning, an 800+ discount store chain, as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

I am currently approved by the AKC to judge Bassets, and 16 additional hound breeds. I have had the privileges of judging bitches at the 2011 Nationals, Best of Breed at the 2018 Nationals and Futurity / Maturity at the 2019 Nationals, and many specialties throughout the U.S., as well as the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

I enjoy judging Junior Showmanship and appreciate the opportunity.

Loretta Lazzara (judging Obedience and Rally for Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Club)

In 1970, I took an obedience class with the family pet Pomeranian at the park district. At the class one of the instructors showed Pomeranians.  We started talking and, as they say, the rest is history.

After training the Pom, I moved on to a breed more suited for me, the Shetland Sheepdog. Met up with Sheltie people and got into Conformation and breeding. After 4 litters, I decided breeding was not for me, it was more fun going to shows. Started judging matches for my dog training club in the late 1990’s and after judging about a gazillion matches and loving it, decided to apply to become an AKC Judge.

My 10th Sheltie was an owner handled Grand Champion UD, PUTD, PCDX, RM2, RAE2, GN, GO, VER, TKN, TKI. He was also a UKC CH and CD.  While Pyro loved Agility, there was no time in my day to add this venue in my life. With a brand new puppy, I am excited to once again, return to the “other side of the clipboard”.

I am an Assistant Director of Training for the Fox Valley Dog Training Club in St. Charles, IL.

I teach the Utility Class, a performance competition class and help with monthly Run Thrus.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to judge the Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Specialty.

Questions about these events?

  • For the Minneapolis St. Paul Basset Hound Club, contact Show Chair Vicki Russell.
  • For the Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Club, contact Show Chair Brian Pechtold.