Nationals Sponsors

The 2022 BHCA National Specialty is sponsored by the BHCA Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors include: Richard Nance (President), Sylvie McGee (1st VP), Gene McDonald (2nd VP), Melinda Brown (Treasurer), Bobbi Brandt (Recording Secretary), Sandi Wittenberg (Corresponding Secretary), and Directors: Linda Cain, Sue Frischmann, Brian Pechtold, Monica Rush, Vicki Russell, and Norine Noonan (AKC Delegate).

The Nationals Committee is made of of the following volunteers:

Committee Chair
Nationals Coordinator (cell: 817-917-1193) Sharon Nance
Asst Nationals Coordinator Brian Pechtold
Show Chair (cell: 214-616-3068) Richard Nance
Treasurer Brian Pechtold
Show Secretary Cynthia Wegner
Show Photographer Phyllis Ensley
Chief Ring Steward Bobbi Brandt
Agility Chair Norinne Noonan
Agility Secretary Jill Roberts
Field Trials Chair Marianne Lovejoy/Linda Cain
Field Trial Secretary Patti Palmer
Hunt Performance Test Marianne Lovejoy/Linda Cain
Hunt Test Secretary Vicki LePenske
Obedience/Rally Chair Jeanne Dietrich
Scent Work Chair Dave Crawford/Roy Fair
Scent Work Secretary Melody Fair
Tracking Chair/Sec Vickie Prescott
Triathlon Challenge Dave Crawford
Catalog Advertising Terri Ralenkotter
Catalog Sales Chair Melinda Brown/Devon Merritt
Dinner Reservations Lynne Tatarowicz
Education - Health & Research Rosemary Ryan
Education - Member Bethany Berger
Foundation Fundraising Mimi Tysseling
Grooming Space  Chair Stormy & Greg Goodbar
Grounds - Inside Sara Watson & Jan Allison
Grounds - Outside Pam Heine
Hospitality Bags Sue Frischmann
Hospitality Chair Anne Testoni
Media Chair & Webmaster Sylvie McGee
    Media Constant Contact Sandi Wittenberg
    Media Facebook BHCA Sandi Wittenberg
    Media Facebook Nationals Cynthia Miller
    Media Tally-Ho Terri Ralenkotter
Merchandise / Clothing Shelly Gordon/Sherri Jeakins
Outside/Inside Signs Richard Nance
Raffle/Auction Chair Sandi Wittenberg & Vicki Russell
Raffle Quilt Kirk Joiner
Rescue Advisory Sandi Wittenberg
RV Parking Chair Stormy Goodbar
Trophy Chair Sukey Shor
Vendor Chair Shelly Gordon
Jack of All Trades Brian Visokay