The 2022 BHCA National Specialty will offer two (2) Scent Work Trials - both with preference for Basset Hound entries. Both will be held on Sunday, October 2nd.


Scent Work Trials will be held at Alpine Hills, part of the Rockford Parks District) at 4402 Larson Ave, Rockford, IL, approximately 7 miles from the host hotel.



Four judges will judge both trials, with the same assignment in each trial. Judges are:

  • Lisa Godfrey - AKC #95817      Novice Containers, Advanced Containers, Excellent Containers
  • Tom Rezmer - AKC #102445    Novice Buried, Advanced Buried, Excellent Buried
  • Erin Rezmer - AKC #102444    Novice Exteriors, Advanced Exteriors, Excellent Exteriors
  • Jodine Brie - AKC #102327    Novice Interiors, Advanced Interiors, Excellent Interiors

Judge Biographies

Lisa Godfrey (judging Novice Containers, Advanced Containers, Excellent Containers)

I started training back in 2005 when I got my first competition dog, a Malinois.  I had no idea what I’d gotten myself into and found that I needed to catch up very fast.  We had our challenges, but we worked through them.  When he was young, we did Rally and Obedience. When he was mature, we did agility.  And as he became a senior, we started doing scent work.  We competed in scent work until the very end, earning his last competition title at 15 years old, 10 days before he passed away.

Through my dogs, I was first introduced to scent work about 10 years ago and in 2014 I taught my first scent work class.  Shortly afterwards I became a Certified Nose Work Instructor with NACSW.  I started judging AKC Scent Work at its inception in 2017 due to my deep experience in nose work, as well as being a fully approved AKC Rally Judge. Since then, I have expanded my judging qualifications into other registries.

Today I live at home with my young Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Scramble, and my 11-year-old rescue cat, Tuppence. I hope to start competing in scent work with Scramble next year.  In the meantime, we are playing with Dock-diving and FASTCat, while building strong independent search skills. I am really looking forward to Judging at your National and am honored to have been invited.

Tom Rezmer (judging Novice Buried, Advanced Buried, Excellent Buried)

Tom Rezmer got involved in dog training because he wanted to teach his first Boxer, Killian, to have manners. In 2006, he started training in AKC obedience with a local all-breed dog club.

In 2011, Tom became involved with nose work after his wife and fellow instructor, Erin, encouraged him to train Killian in the sport while she trained their other Boxer. He started taking nose work classes and began teaching in 2014.

Tom teaches nose work classes that range from the advanced level to those competing at the NW3/Elite level. He has taught nose work seminars/workshops. He is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) through the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) and an American Kennel Club (AKC) Scent Work judge.

Along with nose work, Tom trains and competes with his Boxers in agility and obedience and has earned many titles. He has volunteered at many nose work, obedience, agility and rally trials in every role. He is a member of three Boxer clubs and a member/instructor of a local all-breed volunteer dog training club where he has served as treasurer, president and agility instructor.

Tom’s strengths include his ability to see what others don’t see and use that insight to help the dog/handler team achieve their goals.

Erin Rezmer (judging Novice Exteriors, Advanced Exteriors, Excellent Exteriors)

Erin Rezmer became involved with nose work after she started taking classes with her Boxer, Kahlua, in 2010 as a way to build Kahlua’s confidence with her utility articles for AKC obedience competition. She began teaching nose work classes in 2014.

Erin teaches nose work classes that range from beginners being introduced to nose work to those competing at the NW3/Elite level. Erin has taught nose work seminars/workshops. She is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) through the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) and an American Kennel Club (AKC) Scent Work judge.

Along with nose work, Erin trains and competes with her Boxers in agility, rally, and obedience and has earned many titles with her Boxers. She is a member of three Boxer clubs and on the board of two of them, and a member/instructor of a local all-breed volunteer dog training club. She has also taught puppy obedience, rally, and agility classes.

She believes it is a duty of each handler to give back to the sport they enjoy by mentoring new handlers to train and show their dogs and by volunteering their time. She has volunteered at numerous agility, obedience, rally, and nose work trials or events.

No matter what the role, she has always learned from the experience. She works to grow her skills as a handler and instructor by taking classes and attending seminars with her dogs. Her training philosophy is to keep it positive for the dog and fun for the handler. Of course, it has to be fun for the instructor too!

Jodine Briel (judging Novice Interiors, Advanced Interiors, Excellent Interiors)

My journey in scent work began in 2012 when I began taking classes with my dog, Bella Blu.   Bella and I have been competing since 2013 in scent work in NACSW, C-Wags, UKC, AKC, and CPE.   Together we have earned our UKC Championship title, AKC Detective title and are at present working on our NACSW Elite Championship title.

I began my judging career on a whim in 2015 by judging a fun match.  By the end of that day, I knew being a judge was something that I wanted to pursue.  I have been judging in UKC, C-Wags, AKC and CPE since 2015.

Every assignment I accept teaches me something.  Whether it is meeting a new breed, seeing the differences in training techniques, or how the teams react to new or environmental challenges.   It is important for me to help grow the sport of scent work and to help educate those who are new to the sport or simply just have questions.   I always strive to take a few extra minutes to make the nervous dog or handler comfortable in the ring.  I want them to know at the end of the day, this is truly just a fun outing with their dog/s and they are going home with the best dog!

My love of scent work has flowed over to the pointing breed hunt test and field trial world.  While I am not as active in that world as I want to be yet, I am working to spread my knowledge and love of the sport to those who have not yet heard of scent work.

Questions about this event? Email the Scent Work Trial Chairs Dave Crawford or Roy Fair.