Date and Time: This year, both the 2020 and 2021 Futurities will be offered. A single Maturity will be offered in conjunction with the 2021 Futurity.

  • Monday, October 4th: 2020 Futurity
  • Tuesday, October 5th: 2021 Futurity/Maturity


  • 2020 Futurity judge is Brian Visokay
  • 2021 Futurity/Maturity is Devon Merritt.

Location: The Futurity Stakes will be held at the Allen County Fairground, approximately 1.4 miles from the host hotel, and about a 5 minute drive.

Route from host hotel to fairgrounds












Questions about this event? Contact  the Futurity/Maturity Secretary: Gene McDonald.

For complete Futurity/Maturity rules and eligibility, visit this page on the BHCA Website.

Premium List:  The Premium List for the Futurity/Maturity is distributed directly to eligible nominating breeders by the Futurity/Maturity Secretary.


Brian Visokay - Judging the 2020 Futurity Stakes

Brian has been involved in Basset Hounds for over 20 years.  In his teens, Brian bred and showed Miniature Schnauzers. After college, when he was settled in his career, Brian acquired his first basset as a pet.  Looking for a quiet, low key dog that would be friendly to strangers and acclimate well to city living, he decided a basset would be his perfect companion. But once he had one, he couldn’t wait to have another and another and another.

Living in New York City at the time, it was an easy trip to Westminster where he remembered how much he enjoyed showing his dogs. He met Heather Simonek there and arranged to get Beauregard, his first show basset.

Beauregard wasn’t the perfect show basset everyone wants – but working with Beauregard, Brian learned a lot more about showing a basset than if he breezed right through to Beau’s championship.  One of his happiest memories was the day he finished Beau at the Susquehanna Basset Hound Club Specialty. Along the way to Beau’s championship, Brian worked with some very knowledgeable dog people who became good friends.

Brian has bred and finished over 25 champions. Since joining the BHCA in 2002, Brian has served in many capacities - Treasurer from 2013 to 2017, Nationals Coordinator (2017), Nationals Show Chairman (2012), and as Nationals Tracking Chair (2006). In 2013, under the auspices of the BHCA, he also took over the care of the glaucoma colony.

Locally, Brian has also been very active – he has been the show chair for his all-breed club since 2005. He has also served as President of the Berkshire Valley Basset Hound Club been an active member in several of the other specialty clubs in the Northeast.

All his dogs live with him in his home; not all are show dogs, but each has a special place in his heart. Brian’s passion is breeding his next generation of bassets, hoping each one will improve on the ones that came before them.

Brian is looking forward to judging the 2020 Futurity and appreciates the membership selecting him for this honor.

Devon Merritt - Judging the 2021 Futurity/Maturity Stakes

I'm honored to serve as this years Futurity and Maturity judge after my two decades breeding and showing basset hounds. Futurity and Maturity has always been a personal favorite of mine and I greatly look forward to judging the potential and current exemplars of the breed.

In 2000, after losing our Rottweiler, I made the switch from working breeds to our first basset hound after we let our then 11 year old son Kevin decide our next dog. Kevin fell in love with our good friends Melinda and Judy's  Basset Hounds while I was teaching an obedience course in Northern Virginia. Our whole family has since been forever hooked on long ears and short legs. I've bred and shown numerous St Lo kennel litters in confirmation and rally and have been active in the Potomac Basset Hound Club and BHCA for years. Showing dogs has been a family affair for the Merritts, with my children also being involved since they were junior handlers and my husband always supporting our busy weekends in the ring.

I've worked in Veterinary practices since the age of 16 and breed standards that promote healthy and happy dogs have always been my passion. I look forward to applying my knowledge of Bassets and my understanding of the breed standard to the ring. Thank you all again for this honor and remember to have fun!

Questions about this event? Contact Gene McDonald the Futurity/Maturity Secretary.