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The 2021 National Specialty will be held in Lima Ohio from Friday, October 1 through Friday, October 8.

There's a great line up of events, starting on the 1st with the Hunt Performance Test, followed by Field Trials, Tracking, Obedience and Rally, Agility, Scentwork, and all the conformation events. The week will include a welcome party, educational events, a Basset Fun Day, and more Bassets than you can count on any given day.

The Nationals Committee sincerely hopes you will join us in this event, and come together again with friends and hounds after the long dry spell we have all endured over the past year and more!

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Unofficial event results are posted here for the convenience of BHCA members and friends.  Results will be posted as received by the webmaster and assistants.

PRELIMINARY ENTRY COUNTS - Pending Final Proofing.


  • DOGS   44
  • BITCHES  63
  • FT  1-2
  • VETERANS  10-12
  • BREED   28-25
  • STUD DOG  4
  • BRACE  2


  • JUNIORS  9 – 19
  • SENIORS  10 -12
  • VET 7-9YRS   6-4
  • VET OVER 9   6-6


  • NOV JR  2
  • NOV SR  2
  • OPEN  2



38 RUNS                        33 RUNS


Monday 79  Runs                  Tuesday 64 Runs

NOTE: No report from HPT or Tracking


MONDAY  (17)        TUESDAY  (24)

  • BN           5                     7
  • NOV A    1                     2
  • NOV B    4                     5
  • OPEN A  1                     2
  • UTIL A     1                    1
  • BRACE     2                   3
  • VETERAN  2                 2
  • PREF NOV  1                1
  • PREF UTIL                     1

RALLY  (31)                 (42)

  • NOV A   1                     1
  • NOV B   5                      7
  • INTERM  4                    5
  • ADV A    2                     2
  • ADV B    9                     8
  • EXC B     5                     5
  • MAST    5                      4


With the rise of COVID in Allen County, OH and across the United States and at the recommendation of the County Health Commissioner, the National Coordinator and Show Chair have made the decision a mask MUST be worn anytime you are in one of the show buildings. Social distancing should be maintained when possible. While in the Hospitality building on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday nights you must have a mask on unless you are sitting down eating or drinking.

You will find the COVID Waiver in the Premium List, it will be requested as you enter the building or pull into the parking area, so please have it completed upon your arrival, your temperature will be taken and a wrist band will be placed on your wrist.  You must present the wrist band (on your arm) each day to enter the building unless you want to be stopped and compete another form. Should the band get nasty please request a new band.

We are sorry to take these measures, but we need to make every effort to protect our fellow members and exhibitors.

Stormy Goodbar

BHCA National Coordinator

Gene McDonald

BHCA National Co-Coordinator/Show Chair

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